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  • Artist Info: Some things about me:<br />
    <br />
    I'm Megan. <br />
    I live in Georgia. <br />
    I am 23 years old. <br />
    My birthday is June 12th. <br />
    I'm generally bouncy. <br />
    I'd consider myself friendly.<br />
    Open Minded.<br />
    Non-Bullshitty.<br />
    Thoughtful.<br />
    Occasionally selfish (aren't we all?).<br />
    I don't take myself too seriously. <br />
    I go all in and all out.<br />
    I believe in the spirit of independent art <br />
    If you call me, I might not pick up - sorry, nothing personal -<br />
    I'm pretty sure I'm phonophobic <br />
    I've been told I dance like an earthworm in the sun.<br />
    Someday I want to take a train ride across the country <br />
    I have trouble thinking when I'm not in motion.<br />
    My opinions are not set in stone <br />
    I am a softie <br />
    I'm pretty much just, Megan. =/ <br />
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