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  • Artist Info: Hmm.......... What can I say about myself ? Im a woman with dignity and trying to be a good example on earth...People call me beauty which makes me think I am...I grew up witha loving parents and wishing I would be a supermom someday like my mommy...She teach me how to cook , tells me that a good leader has to be a servant , how to be a supermom someday....<br />
    Being always the muse of the class...I always has to join the beauty contest...It is fun specially when I get the crown...So lucky that for 2 years i have the crown , 6 days from now i have to be on stage again with so many people around....Again a beauty contest on my way hope i can get the crown...<br />
    My father ? He is always my hero...My superman...I wish I could marry a guy like my dad...I promise my mother when I got a boyfriend she will be the first to date with him and his family...Our first date would be a family date getting to knew each family... <br />
    <br />
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