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  • Artist Info: I am 14, and 5'3.5", my birthday is april 21, 1994, I have a cat named barnum, I love to read and draw, I have ADHD so if I don't take my medacine I can get really annoying, I am pretty good at spelling and I love it and science, I think I have a pretty good personality and I guess i'm good looking, I am smart so the whole "blondes are stupid" doesn't work on me (honer roll student). Oh yeah i also have a sister... she has a gaia account and her username is Kara Wolf In The Moon, she is 16 and we are about 2 1/2 years apart. i am a freshman this year, and i will keep my about me current as i can! ^-^<br />
    if you want to know more just post a comment.
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