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  • Artist Info: hello everybody! *hi namyw_draco*<br />
    what? you don't wach the simpsons? anyway, I live in the wonderful moonlight filled world of where the sun decided to go away because I gave it a dirty look. I have decided to have this account so that I no longer am the only person in the little world in my head. You can find the nicest people on the internet, right? any one who spends their lives in a dark basement away from the sun can't be that bad, right? well about me... umm... I send my spare time reading mangas where boys like boys and watching death note. BUT never at the same time, although they were handcuffed to each other for the longest time... ANYWAY! I love dragons and scary movies and I always know how the movie is going to end if it is not a paranormal horror or if the police are involved, the villan always gets shot, by a cop, who is conected to the hero, just before the hero gets killed. try my prediction! anyway, I am single due to a meany-face boy who dumped me, and now need a boy firend, but not one from online, unles I have met you in real life prior. I am straight so sorry ladies I only like guys, especialy if they like other guys ;^} and cats are qute and fluffy and i m psychotic! and yes i spell cute with a q. BYE!:^P'
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