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  • Artist Info: I haven't been on for quite some time. You will find me diffrent.<br />
    Name:Lauren<br />
    Nickname:Phred, Lady, Madam, Himawari, Hima<br />
    Date of Birth:07/05/92<br />
    IQ:152<br />
    Eyes:Brown<br />
    Hair:Light Brown<br />
    Job:Babysitter<br />
    Relationship Status:Taken. Very much taken.<br />
    Music:Metal, Punk, Rock, Indie, and anything that gets my head bobbing and feet tapping<br />
    Books:Anything with words, really.<br />
    Intrests:Digital art, photography, drawing, drafting, writing, composing poetry, bike riding, walking, singing, reading, playing video games, talking<br />
    Location:Pueblo, Colorado (USA)<br />
    Links: LiveJournal; Myspace
    <br />
    Payback is my middle name. And yes, I am a bitch. If you can't handle spontanious grammar and spelling correction, lots of sarcasm, mood swings, wit, or general mentalness, you might not want to talk to me. I am smart, and proud of it. I'm in love, and happier than a necrophilliac in a mourge. I am pretty, and not shy about it. I break hearts when I'm unaware of it. I read so much my bookshelves are in danger of collapsing and I've requested another one. I'm a gamer girl. I'm a nerd. I'm a skater girl. I'm everything I can be and then some. I am me.
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