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        [PATCH AND QUILT]<br />
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        Alot of people would use this space to do that "I'M A BITCH LOL DEAL WITH IT" or "I'M AN OPINIONATED ASS HOLE BUT IT MAKES ME TTLY COOL" but I think I'll just say that I can be kind of a dick and if I've pissed you off then you can either A) Make a passive-aggressive comment here in my profile so everyone can be informed of your displeasure and that you will not be tipping or B) You can just blow it out of your ass.<br />
        Have a nice day.<br />
        <br />
        Pimp My Toaster is so G shes almost H. <br />
        WHOA. Corny phrase alert. <br />
        Lay one finger on this chick and your ass will get a blast to the past. <br />
        Pimp My Toaster
        Pimp My Toaster:<br />
        Carrots, if you were a dude, I'd bang you right now.<br />
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