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  • Artist Info: Name:Sam<br />
    Age: wouldnt u liike 2 no!<br />
    Location:Hell!<br />
    Sports: iis my liife!<br />
    Friiends: Ava and Anya! my little asians!<br />
    Family:Hunter(16), Jacob(14), Anna(13 my twiin) and Emerson(2 weeks)!<br />
    Favoriite clothiing: Spankiies all the way! and my hockey jesery!<br />
    Moviie: Ophran, Blades of Glory, Haloween!<br />
    Besties: my little asians Anya(14 dating my bervy jake!) Ava (13 wow babe luv u!) and Eli (13 Avas twin! haha we twins met on twin day! IT WASNT HARD 4 US 2 GET A TWIN! LOL! ur im dating him!)<br />
    Pets: 1 dog Zoey(6 months and shes a basset hound!) 2 hores Yankie (5) and Red socks (1) yea i liked those baseball teams! <br />
    Music: i play the basson, cello, guitar, piano, saxophone, flute and the trumpet! Yea i no i gots skills!<br />
    Guys i like on here: Shadow Rezerection! hes prutty smexii! and i dont no y i am tellin u that! but yea im not wat u wood call the hottest thing! so yea!<br />
    Umm yea so if u have any more questions plz let me no! <br />
    and me background is not a pic of me but its rlly close 2 wat i look like! so no u no and yes i have snake bites and a bar in me ear!<br />
    Thx wells BYES!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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