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    What is a "Jen"? <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    A hopeless romantic mademoiselle; <br />
    fourteen charming years under <br />
    the dark blue sky; <br />
    a fatal attraction to cuteness; a <br />
    bright and sun-shiny style of fashion; <br />
    always falling up stairs and into <br />
    walls; not often taken seriously although <br />
    usually not serious at all; can't <br />
    stop laughing to save her life; <br />
    laughs at everything and anything; may <br />
    break out into song/dance in <br />
    public (and not care); caring; unmotivated; <br />
    theatrical; friendly; somewhat irresponsible and forgetful; <br />
    stands out in a crowd; wears <br />
    lots of shoes; wants to be <br />
    an Anthropological Linguist; guilty of being <br />
    very religious; mormon; a pop-star wannabe; <br />
    sappy love songs are the only <br />
    things that make her cry (well, <br />
    that and death of anything); makes <br />
    wishes every night at 11:11, 12:34, <br />
    and on the first star she <br />
    sees at night; loves her Mama<br />
    very very much and can never<br />
    wait 'till the next time she's<br />
    home. A "Jen" is just a <br />
    young girl waiting for something new <br />
    and wonderful.
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