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    Hello, my name is Megan.<br />
    I am currently 19 years young xd <br />
    My favorite things in life are helping others, reading literature, and writing.<br />
    I also dabble in a bit of drawing, My Deviantart. <br />
    I am not professional so it isn't top par art, but i believe this quote...<br />
    <br />
    "Every artist was first an amateur."<br />
    Ralph Waldo Emerson<br />
    <br />
    My Favorite Author is Charles Dodgeson, or as you may know him by<br />
    his famous pen name "Lewis Carroll", yes the famous author of the <br />
    beloved children's novels Alice in wonderland, Through the looking Glass,<br />
    and poetry such as The Jabberwok, etc. Though my favorite Poet is Edgar<br />
    Allen Poe. My favorite poem of Poe's is "The Raven", the eerie and dark<br />
    sensuality is what draws me in. On another note, i like anime, as well as <br />
    Manga. My current manga obsession is Shugo Chara, Brave 10, and Black<br />
    Butler (Kuroshitsuji). My current Anime obsession is Shugo Chara, and Kuroshitsuji. I like BL<br />
    ( yes i know expected or cliche for a female my age to enjoy BL), i enjoy it because love is true for <br />
    me in any form, and i find BL's to be most rewarding in learning of love at first sight, etc.
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