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  • Artist Info: Name: Hannah<br />
    Age: Ask me in person or in private<br />
    Hobbies: Dancing or writting poetry<br />
    Favorite Tv shows: Brooke Knows Best,American Gothic,South park,Rob And Big,Lost Tapes and Charm School<br />
    favorite food: Pizza and grapes<br />
    favorite thing to do: Hang out with my friends, go to DISNEYLAND!!!<br />
    Band I like: Metro station,green Day,Linkin Park,My chemical rommance<br />
    Bands I hate: SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!!<br />
    Favorite Names: Riley,Sam,Dakota,Coner,Daniel,Carson<br />
    styles: Rocker chick,punk,goth, or a raver.....depending on my mood<br />
    Moods I am usually am: Depressed, happy, hyper<br />
    favorite Place to go: ARIZONA!!!!<br />
    what do like to do there: HORSE BACK RIDING,GO CART RIDING!!!!<br />
    Lots of friend or a little: Im kinda in between<br />
    favorite Saying: "Dont try to be somebody that you are not"<br />
    In love with somebody in your life: YES!!!!! &lt;3<br />
    favorite thing to do on gaia: help people that have personal problems<br />
    nice or mean: if you mess with me, then i can get real mean, but i am usually a willing, hapyy person<br />
    <br />
    P.s<br />
    Want to know more just pm me. I dont bite so please ask to be my friend. If you have any problems just please talk to me...i am here to help.
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