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  • Artist Info: Hey my name is Sarah.I am 100% Haitian,and yes i do speak English.<br />
    I am a 7 day adventist(CHRISTIAN). I HEART GOD!!!!<br />
    My fav. colors are pink,blue,and silver/gray.<br />
    I love anime and am rite now fighting wit my friends 4 a character.<br />
    My fav. anime would be vampire knight,naruto...etc.<br />
    I am straight and very loyal (like a puppy),I don't really like seriously arguing wit pple.<br />
    I'm also very shy when I first meet someone.<br />
    I'm said to be really random (i don't think so).<br />
    Things that get under my skin is pple who are 2faced,bugs and so on.<br />
    I can be nice but a .....not nice person(mostly nice).<br />
    If u want to be friends jus send a friend request and i'll get to it.<br />
    If u have any thing else u want to ask me jus send me a P.M or comment me.<br />
    <br />
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