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  • Artist Info: Hello every one. <br />
    Call me Jennifer. :]<br />
    My profile, yeah its a little different I guess...<br />
    Its like the darkness, <br />
    and yet...<br />
    every thing,from the smallest to the biggest thing needs to have a little light shined on it once and a while does it not?<br />
    Even the most lonly'est thing needs to have someone to talk to. o.o does it not?<br />
    I'm not always on, yet when I am, I'm here to just hang with some buddy's try to help some gaian out or something.<br />
    Ill be 16 years old this year. <br />
    I live in the USA.<br />
    I only speak one language right now. <br />
    o-o <br />
    I like having conversations with people smarter then me...is that weird? oh well :]<br />
    Well. Hello ...by the way...<br />
    Im...<br />
    Very...<br />
    random :] so <br />
    Thanks for<br />
    visiting my pro. ~have a nice day :]
    <br />
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