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  • Artist Info: Well, I'm never good at writing these 'About Me' sections, but I'll give it a go!<br />
    I'm a nerd. I'll make many references to things like pokemon, or Super Smash bros, and then laugh at them like they are the funniest things on earth. I am really bad at first impressions, because I get nervous and don't know what to say so I'll talk about something stupid like,"oh! Your hair reminds me of Justin Beiber's! " (who I like, but not many other people do).....yeah. I like art, and want to become an artist someday, but if that falls through I want to become a paranormal investigator! xD Seriously. I am very clumsy, so beware. You will probably laugh your ass off at me falling when I'm not even moving at all. My best friend is probably my mom. Shut up. She's cool. I hate clowns, spiders, getting old, uncomfortable situations, mean people, and carnival rides. My favorite foods include: pizza, macaroni, hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream. xD I love, love, love to watch movies. I think it would be so cool to have shelves, upon shelves of shelves just FULL of movies. Video games, are kind of like interactive movies in my mind, so I love those too. I'm, sadly, allergic to cats, but I really, really, really love them, along with most other pets(except spiders, and birds). I AM TEAM SWITZERLAND(with a hint of team Carlisle). Just so you know. *wink* Uuuuum, I can't think of much else to say, so I guess I'll stop now. xD
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