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    <br />
    About Myself<br />
    I am an animation/media arts undergrad at The Art Institute International Minnesota.<br />
    I am currently a freshman.<br />
    I live in an apartment with a few of my close friends in St. Paul.<br />
    I love to party and have fun with people.<br />
    I'm very social and outgoing.<br />
    I love clubbing and going out to nightclubs, (to dance of course).<br />
    I am a HUGE music person and listen to music all the time.<br />
    - My favorite genre's are Alternative, R&B & Hip-Hop. (But mostly the first)<br />
    I don't really play video games, (except my occasional Wii fun).<br />
    I am a Family Guy addict. I could quote you the whole show, and everything in life relates to Family Guy.<br />
    I also love the Ninja Turtles, Friends, ABDC, & Weeds. (Only TV I watch)<br />
    I do not like anime, or any of the japanese style things, and don't care to talk about it.<br />
    Here is a site of some of my computer artwork.<br />
    <br />
    Please Read First<br />
    I don't like random friend requests, I'd like to get to know you first.<br />
    I don't donate to random people.<br />
    There are many helpful threads in the forums for the arena and any other question you might have, so please check there for answers first.<br />
    Thanks for checking out my profile!<br />
    ME<br />
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