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  • Artist Info: Hi!<br />
    Okay so I like love colorful things ;D<br />
    My name is unique and I will never change it.<br />
    I love anime/manga/yaoi/SHONEN-AI / other perverted sexual love things you wouldn't know about.<br />
    So I went to Oni-con and omg I met the most awesomeness people ever!<br />
    I wasted my money in less than an hour of being there. I started reading this notebook story called Boys like Orchids and I really liked it, glad I bought it! I bought a Sora action figure /nerd/ , a ichigo keychain /fangirl/ , and a few other things that are kinda odd...I so wanted a cute necklace that had cupcakes and other sweet things but I ran out of money /woe/. Anyways lets meet up sometime and chat maybe :]
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