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  • Artist Info: What Can I say, I one of the nicest person who are ever going to meet, My birthday is on the 18th of March and I've been Drawing for quite a while. Currently I learning Fighting styles to improve my speed and strength. I am working on two projects On being Zephrium Obscuri and the other True Hearts both of the links are posted above if you are interested. I love to meet new people and would happy to be your friend.<br />
    <br />
    I never get mad, Never lie to my friends and Family and of course, I'm always in the good mood, so go ahead if you ever need to talk to me. Sometimes I listen to people's problem or issues relating to their day or relation, because I love to help those who need me. If you ever need someone who is willing to help you with your problems, or just want to talk to someone who is willing to listen, then I'll be here for you.
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