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  • Artist Info: I'm known as Msnuce here,so we'll keep it that way.I have a pet guinea pig,that belonged to my cousin.His name is Starski(she named him).I spend a lot of time playing sports,listening to music,hanging out w/ family,and reading,well whenever it's quiet.I see my brothers on weekends,Right now,it's summer and I see them a lot more.I'm unfortunately a person who knows a lot about grammar thanks to my English teacher,and corrects people a lot.So some tips...<br />
    1. It's a lot,not alot!<br />
    2.Words w/ comma 'S' after it can mean two things,For Ex. She's (She has,or she is)<br />
    3.When typing always follow manuscript format<br />
    Okay changing the subject.I like to play tennis,basketball,jump rope,run track,and sometimes play soccer.Running was one of my favorite things to do,but at my new school I don't have a running team,and don't run as much.<br />
    I love to listen to music,mainly pop.I have a lot of favorite songs.<br />
    I love to write stories,but I never finish them unless they're for class.I try to make them funny here and there,not just serious.<br />
    Speaking of funny,there is one thing everyone always has to do,to make their day good,have fun.
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