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  • Artist Info: Favorite football team...<br />
    Favorite basketball team.....<br />
    1st.Caveliers (or however u spell it)<br />
    2nd.Lakers<br />
    Favorite video games....<br />
    1st.Assassins Creed II<br />
    2nd.Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas<br />
    My favorite colors.....<br />
    1st.RED<br />
    2nd.Blue<br />
    3rd.Green<br />
    4th.Purple<br />
    Least favorite colors...<br />
    1st.brown<br />
    2nd.yellow<br />
    My favorite movies r freddy vs jason and incredible hulk 2! ! ! <br />
    My favorite online shows r of course... <br />
    1st. Naruto Shippuden<br />
    2nd.Code Geass<br />
    3rd.Tenjou Tenge<br />
    4th.Bleach<br />
    My favorite characters in Naruto are... <br />
    1st. Rock Lee <br />
    2nd. Itachi <br />
    3rd. Naruto in Shippuden ( nine tailed ) <br />
    My favorite characters in Code Geass are...<br />
    1st. Lelouch<br />
    2nd.Suzaku. <br />
    I dont have any favorite characters in Tenjou Tenge.<br />
    My favorite characters in Bleach are...<br />
    1st.Zarachi Kenpachi<br />
    2nd.Ikkaku<br />
    3rd.Byakuguya Kuchiki ( how ever you spell it)<br />
    4th.Grimmjow<br />
    5th.Ulqourria<br />
    6th.Ichigo<br />
    My favorite TV shows are... <br />
    1st.Boondocks<br />
    2nd.Inuyasha<br />
    My 3rd.Beavus and Buthead<br />
    My 4th.Family Guy. <br />
    My favoirte type of music is of course rap, most hated tyype of music is of course country n rock n my favoirte rappers if u dont already no...<br />
    1.First favorite rapper is Lil Wayne, favorite songs made by him are...(fyi i know all da words 2 all these songs)<br />
    1st.Best Of Me<br />
    2nd.I Told Ya'll (featuring Nicki Minaj even tho she doesnt even rap in that song)<br />
    3rd.Hustlers Muzik(spelled just like that...classic lil wayne rap right there) <br />
    2. Bone Thugs N Harmony in that group my favorite members r... <br />
    1st.Lazyie Bone (the 1st 1 to start rapping in the song Home) <br />
    2nd.Flesh N Bone (the 1st 1 to start rapping in Into The Future)<br />
    My favorite songs made by them are....<br />
    1.Into The Future<br />
    2.Wind Blow<br />
    3.Body Rott<br />
    My third favorite rapper is 50 Cent. Favorite songs by him are...(OK i dont give a damn if u like him or not but u gotta face it he has SOME good songs even if he does suck now!!!)*GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN WAS HIS BEST ALBUM...then maybe comes da massacre*<br />
    1.If I Can't<br />
    2.Don't Push Me<br />
    3.Heat(theres more i just cant really remember)<br />
    My fourth favorite rapper is Eazy-E. Favorite songs made by him are....<br />
    1.Eazy Duz It<br />
    2.Its On (dissin dr.dre n snoop doggy dawggg)<br />
    3.Boyz In Tha Hood (CLASSICAL AS EAZY E RIGHT THERE...everyone!!!!knows that song)<br />
    4.What Would You Do???<br />
    5.Real Mother****in G's<br />
    My hobbies are Games,Games, n more freakin Video Games <br />
    My favorite foods are... <br />
    1st. Lasania <br />
    2nd. Bacon<br />
    Things I Hate....<br />
    1.I REALLLLLLLY HATE when people bite me....biting me is the perfect way to get a broken nose...concusion...huge lips....and get ur eyes stuck in the back of ur head<br />
    2.dont EVER pinch me<br />
    3.spitting...u spit on me and i will make you bite ur damn tongue off<br />
    4.ignoring me...just cant stand it if u me to leave u alone SAY IT!<br />
    5th.taking my stuff....im not in kindergarten where u take my stuff n i cry i dont do that kind of stuff ill say it once n once only..if i dont get it back theres gonna be some blood splattering.
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