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  • Artist Info: Ello~ names addie XP<br />
    1. I love anime so XP<br />
    2. I love to role-play............its awesome! :3<br />
    3. I have a very short temper so watch it D&lt;<br />
    4. I am a nice person, when i want to be &gt;:3<br />
    5. I WUV ALL MY FRIENDS!<br />
    6. U can dis me but heck what do i care im me and thats what counts! <br />
    7. Im a dare devil and never turn down anything besides sick minded dares o.e<br />
    8. I've found out that loves not all its cracked up to be, its accutly full of happyness and pain <br />
    9. I have no need for labels that r put on me, cuz whats the point its not like anyone can change me *heh*<br />
    p.s i will probably never open up to anyone besides my closest friends so dont exspect anything from me<br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BYEZ!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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