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  • Artist Info: I'm Eonee<br />
    Currently studying in UERMMMC<br />
    BS Nursing<br />
    Soon to be "RN"<br />
    <br />
    ~My dad calls me "Princess"<br />
    ~My mom calls me "Pangga"<br />
    ~My 3 elder brothers call me "Baby"<br />
    ~Dorothy calls me "Eon-eons"<br />
    ~Akemi calls me "Twinnie Eones"<br />
    ~My online buddies call me "Sapphire" or "Sapphy (Saphy)"<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~MULAN is my fave Disney princess<br />
    ~STITCH is an extra terrestrial that I found very very cute<br />
    ~Among the W.I.T.C.H. guardians, HAY LIN's the best<br />
    ~Both RURIKO IKUSAWA and REIKO ASAGIRI have resemble of my personality<br />
    ~ASUKA KAZAMA's my bet in Tekken<br />
    <br />
    ~I love my handwriting. <br />
    ~I'm craving for food most of the time.<br />
    ~I love to try new things...especially when I know that it suits for me.<br />
    ~I'm hook with martial arts. I was a taekwondo jinn before but after 1 year of training, my mom told me to stop for many reasons. Hmm...If I were about to decide, I wanna try capoeira.<br />
    ~I want to be an OR nurse someday (with master's degree)<br />
    ~I love BLUE COLORS. But aside from that, I like old rose pink and neutral colors.<br />
    ~I can draw landscapes.<br />
    ~I'm average when it comes to math.<br />
    ~I'm addicted to text twist, swapping jewels, word search, egyptian ratscrew (the new one? LUXOR 2).<br />
    ~I love to collect seashells.<br />
    ~I used to play percussion freaks at WOF. How I miss it so much...<br />
    ~I'm collecting clothes.<br />
    ~I love white rose, calla lily and jasmine.<br />
    ~Can't sleep without a pillow between my legs<br />
    ~Some of my friend called me CAMWHORE.<br />
    ~I'm online most of the time.<br />
    ~I'm detail-oriented person.<br />
    ~Some people don't know that I'm sensitive as well.<br />
    ~I rarely drink and I don't smoke. And I don't like guys who drink a lot and smoke as well. Those people really turn me off (nicotine breath plus black gums cannot lie).<br />
    ~I love my friends. I love to make jokes for them 'til they get pissed off. (Haha! What a friend!) But I don't want them to be fooled around by other people...so that's why I'm protecting them.<br />
    ~I'm not a good singer, but I sing to make the most important people in my life happy...and also, I'm doin' it just for fun.<br />
    ~I'm fond of playing with babies and cats<br />
    ~I love both Japanese and Spanish songs. They rock my world! (And broadway, as well)<br />
    ~I don't like rap soooo much.<br />
    ~If there's one place that I want to go alone, that would be a place with WATERFALLS. With a partner? A seashore to view sunset or a tower to gaze with the stars.<br />
    ~Crybaby (Ack!)<br />
    ~What I love most about me is that I'm appreciative to every single thing that God gave to me.<br />
    ~And what I hate most about me is that I'm a jealous type of person (but I rarely show it to others).<br />
    ~I love people who cares for me so much (Definitely, I appreciate it a lot).<br />
    ~I hate people who are very irresponsible to themselves, to other things and to other people.<br />
    <br />
    ~And I believe:<br />
    1.) GOD always rules<br />
    2.) Destiny cannot dictate our lives<br />
    3.) Scarred people are beautiful
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