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      Hi.<br />
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      You can call me StarlessJoy, Starless or Star --not Joy, please.<br />
      The storyish behind the name: First used for my Maple Story character, being that 'starless' was already taken. Meaning of the name: finding joy and happiness when the stars have gone (the sun is a star) Stars =light. No stars=darkness.<br />
      Therefore: happy being on [the dark side]...?<br />
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      [A tidbit of a paradox]<br />
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      The Bertrand Russell's barber paradox: The village barber shaves all the men who don't shave themselves. Then who shaves the barber? If the barber shaves himself, he belongs to the set of men who are not shaved by the barber, so he doesn't shave himself. But if he doesn't shave himself, then he is shaved by the barber!<br />
      - Paul Davies, The Goldilocks Enigma<br />
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      <br />
      Did I tell that I'm trying to re-design my profile page? If I didn't, then I have to tell you that I'm attempting to redesign my profile page...with some result...<br />
      <br />
      Custom Profile: v1.00965 (i.e., to be first completed custom)<br />
      Created through (and therefore optimised for): Opera, 1024x768<br />
      Time Taken: Still incomplete, taken a couple of weeks already<br />
      Used: Opera, Adobe Photoshop, screenshots, ruler, brain<br />
      Other Notes: I seems to me that sometimes, it takes a while for the background to *this* section to load....?<br />
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