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  • Artist Info: Name: Josh<br />
    Age:20<br />
    Location: Minnesota<br />
    Birthdate: June 23<br />
    Word of the week: None<br />
    Likes: Coffee, tea, music,horror movies, zombies, gore, wasting time, drawing, blowing up things in my back yard, comic books/ manga,8-bit games and music, and food :]<br />
    Dislikes: some country music, tomatoes,and onions.<br />
    Wishlist: Friends<br />
    Quote: "The greatest thing you will ever learn, is to just love and be loved in return. "COTR. <br />
    Religion: I believe in God what else do you want?<br />
    Relationship status: Taken. Sorry ladies she has what i need. wink <br />
    Want to learn more? Hit that witchetdanger that reads "Pm me"<br />
    That is all.<br />
    Xbox live?<br />
    Gamer Tag: Digital ReJ3ct<br />
    Wii?<br />
    Depends on the game.<br />
    Playstation Network?<br />
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