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    My name is Rachel and I'm a Senior at Mesa Verde High. I'm Irish and short (as in I fit in most overhead storage bins x). I'm a Jew without the nose. I'm not as tolerant as I used to be. My middle name bothers me. I'm far from unintelligent. I'm self-sufficient and self-motivated. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.. but I swear too fucking much x)<br />
    I'm pro-gay and pro-choice. I have absolutely no problem with confrontation.<br />
    I love puppies, flowers, and zombies. I volunteer at the PSPCA (animal shelter) whenever I have time. I have no favorite color. I appreciate them all the same, and marvel at their ability to change perception and meaning. <br />
    I support others, but not without support. I'm extremely dependent on my friends. I'm selfish, because I'm selfless and I love it. I have poor self image, yet I judge people shamelessly, despite the fact that I can't stand being judged. People without morals and without humility disgust me. People who refuse to forgive annoy me. as well as people (such as myself) who forgive just about anyone. I have a three strike policy. two second chances. screw up a third time and you might as well be dead to me. I appreciate simplicity.<br />
    I try too hard to act "delicate", even though I'm perfectly comfortable in a Chuck Norris t-shirt and pair of sweats. I'll try practically anything once. I'm very open minded. I drink copious amounts of green tea. I play video games and guitar. I suck righteously at the latter. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I think so deeply it scares me. <br />
    I tend to over analyze and severely under analyze things.<br />
    Most of my poetry sucks, yet I still insist on trying.. <br />
    I love reading inspirational quotes. Freudian concepts fascinate me to no end. Hackers piss me off (and, apparently, turn me on..)<br />
    I always seem to be chewing on something.<br />
    I read. far more than I should.<br />
    I Love Nerds. The candy and the people. :3<br />
    <br />
    Please PM me if you have any questions. &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    "What we do for ourselves dies with us.<br />
    What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." <br />
    -Albert Pine<br />
    <br />
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