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    Hi I'm Skia.<br />
    I am 19 years old. I am from Oregon. I am the kind of person who is trust worthy. I am a very good person. I love the color....well all of them ^o^. I am a anime freak as you can tell on my profile. I like to play video games (when I want to) like Kingom hearts, Final Fantasy. Those kind of games. I love to take pictures. I guess I would call myself a photographer. I love takeing pictures of random things. I love writting stories to I am making a book right now its called the Deep Red Sun. Some people would describe me as loving, caring, sweet, random, adventurous, weird (in a good way), crazy, there for you kind of person, generious, beautiful, pretty, independent, strong and so on. I also love to chat with all you people out there in the world, so dont be shy and talk to me, send me a message and say hi, add me and i will accept your request ^_^. I am always looking for new friends. Oh look at the time I have to get going I guess I will talk to you all later bye!<br />
    heart Foxy<br />
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