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  • Artist Info: I got bored with what my about me says so I decided to change it...<br />
    <br />
    Name:....none of your buisness<br />
    Age:15<br />
    Currently a freshman<br />
    Two siblings<br />
    Many friends<br />
    NOT SILLY!!!!<br />
    Random<br />
    Easily distracte...<br />
    Clarinet player...not for long though, I hope<br />
    Latin user....Just begining though so nothing to hard<br />
    Bona puella est non parva.<br />
    My sister ignores me when I say hi to her in the hallways...stupid junior...<br />
    My friends can be.....well strange<br />
    I am weird not strange, but maybe sweird when I'm with my sister...<br />
    My sister is wrange or what I would like to call "dranged". Well mostly just strange..<br />
    I'm having way to much fun right now...<br />
    I think I suffer from mood swings, which is quite possible<br />
    I had a boyfriend, but I'm currently single and not looking for anyone at the moment...<br />
    I am straight just in case you're still reading this and wondering..<br />
    I like reading to the point I might be called a 'book worm'<br />
    I can be really crazy<br />
    I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up.<br />
    I'm doing pretty well grade wise<br />
    I don't usually get a lot of sleep<br />
    I'm hungry..<br />
    I don't talk a lot at home<br />
    I can talk for hours with people and tell them nothing important about me<br />
    My favorite color is purple!<br />
    Why do people ask what your favorite animal is? There are just too many!!!<br />
    ...They got my birthday wrong...8/22 NOT 8/21<br />
    I'm happy because my cousins joined gaia! Yay!!<br />
    All my cousins have their about mes in the third person...How strange...<br />
    Sometimes I only seem to make things worse.<br />
    Death can be a release or the nightmare that you want to get rid of<br />
    Life can be a living death or a beautiful experience<br />
    If true emotion can only be experienced in books then my life is in writing.<br />
    For every tear another part breaks off and another life lost. <br />
    I must be a freaking super kitty!<br />
    Saying I'm hyperactive is an understatment.<br />
    I've heard that physical pain can be a release from mental anguish....I think whoever said that was right. <br />
    My cousin's all have better funnier profiles then me...&gt;&gt;<br />
    My favorite color is purple<br />
    I refuse to have purple be a gay color. It's a royal color for royalty.<br />
    Pink is a gay color.<br />
    I have emotionally unstable friends<br />
    Opposites do not attract and whoever said that should be shot.<br />
    I've noticed that I have more friends who are girls in rea life<br />
    I've also noticed I have more friends who are guys in gaia<br />
    This makes me wonder....<br />
    I do not believe in 'climate change' I mean just look at what it's called! The earth changes it's climate naturally!!!!<br />
    I like to make people laugh...by any means necessary<br />
    I'm not entirely a funny person so you can see how this can be difficult<br />
    I am an extremely....provagative dancer<br />
    Certain people are going to get their asses kicked if they don't quit messing with my friend<br />
    I can be one seriously bad bitch<br />
    My language is slowly going down the drain....<br />
    I might add more if I feel like it later..<br />
    <br />
    I decided so I can save space on my profile I'm just going to put all my quotes at the top of my profile onto this instead<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    MY Quotes<br />
    <br />
    If people call me silly, I just laugh and say, "I'm sorry, but I'm not silly. I'm crazy and random and fun<br />
    <br />
    Easily distra....Bunny....<br />
    <br />
    Yeah, you're unique...just like everybody else<br />
    <br />
    Before you try to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you..<br />
    <br />
    Watch out for the Korean spies!<br />
    <br />
    LATIN QUOTES<br />
    Latin is for inteligent people. What? You're not taking it? Well, that explains a lot.....<br />
    <br />
    Latin is a dead, dead language <br />
    As dead as it can be <br />
    First it killed the Romans <br />
    And now....IT'S KILLING ME!!!<br />
    <br />
    DemonXDoll: Hey, we have to go to latin!<br />
    Me: I know<br />
    DemonXDoll: Hey, we have to go to latin!<br />
    Me:....I realized this..<br />
    DemonXDoll: Guess what. We have to go to latin!<br />
    Me: (sigh) What are you talking about, we are in LATIN!!<br />
    DemonXDoll: Going to, in, what's the difference?<br />
    Me:.......<br />
    <br />
    Latin is the answer to every question...but it isn't always the right answer...<br />
    <br />
    Cross country. This sport is your sport's punishment..<br />
    <br />
    ((from Basketball))<br />
    Aubrea: Wow! I think you played better in those two minutes than the rest of us did in the whole game!<br />
    Me: Nah. The coach just didn't give us enough time to completely mess things up.<br />
    <br />
    Ran as far as you can, then walk as far as you can, then crawl as far as you can...then get up and run again!<br />
    <br />
    It's okay to talk to inanimate objects. There is only a problem if the inanimate objects are talking to you..<br />
    <br />
    Everytime you try to idot-prove something, someone makes a better idot.<br />
    <br />
    Me: Rebecca quit leading me on like this!<br />
    Rebecca: No! Everything I've said is true!<br />
    Me: *Jumps* Danielle quit trying to get into my pants!<br />
    Danielle: No! I can't help it!<br />
    ((okay this needs explaination. My friends and I were going to band class and Rebecca was leading me by the hand because that's just the way she is...Danielle was trying to get the chapstick in my pocket because she didn't have any and her lip were really chapped so she was "trying to get into my pants" wink )<br />
    <br />
    Danielle just raped me with a snowball <br />
    ((okay so I was walking back to the school I go to and my friend Dani suddenly threw a snowball at me, which hit me well it a certain area...thus the quote))<br />
    <br />
    Things that could only happen to me<br />
    <br />
    1. Only I could walk into a closed door when I'm looking right at it.<br />
    <br />
    2. Only I could fall down the stairs after saying I wouldn't do anything stupid.<br />
    <br />
    3. Only I could think that a 'lobster joint' meant a lobster's joint.<br />
    <br />
    4. Only I could say stuck-it jam when I meant to say stuck in a traffic jam.<br />
    <br />
    5. Only I could get lost on a trail I've gone on several times with a map.<br />
    <br />
    6. Only I would accidently go to school with jeans the have a huge gaping whole right on the butt. Then I don't even notice it untill afterschool....how embarassing! <br />
    <br />
    7. Only I could buy a hotdog, put ketchup on it, and then walk away without the hotdog.<br />
    <br />
    8. Only I could stand up on the 'bench' during the basketball game, have my chair fold up without realizing it and then sitting down so fast that gravity takes over and makes me land on my butt on the floor with a squeak..<br />
    <br />
    9. Only I could mistake a manga character as someone's artwork...especially when they had animation stuff on it..<br />
    <br />
    If you have done any of these things or want to say stupid stuff you've done, comment and tell me about it.<br />
    <br />
    Ok I saw this and I really needed to add it..<br />
    <br />
    A girl and a guy were speeding over 100mph on a motorcycle. <br />
    <br />
    Girl: Slow down, i'm scared. <br />
    Guy: No, this is fun. <br />
    Girl: No it's not, please, it's so scary. <br />
    Guy: Then tell me you love me. <br />
    Girl: I love you, slow down. <br />
    Guy: Now give me a big hug <br />
    *She gave him a big hug* <br />
    Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself, It's really bothering me. <br />
    <br />
    The next day in the newspaper, a motorcycle crashed into a building due to brake failure. Two people were in the crash, but only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the breaks weren't working, but he didn't want the girl to know. Instead, he had her hug him and tell him she loves him one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live, even if it meant that he would die. If you would do the same for the person you love, copy this in your profile.<br />
    <br />
    Okay I'm not sure if any of you are still looking at this by this time, but if you are I would like you to read this. This was on my cousin's profile and I find I do agree with alot of it. I will make some changes though because I do know people who have had this and I deeply care about them.<br />
    <br />
    "These are things about Abortion... Poems to be exact. Abortion is horrible it is ,in a way, a repeat of slavery. Back then blacks were called Negros and not considered human so they were hurt, killed and treated unfairly for other peoples conveniences. That's whats abortion is, we call unborn children fetus and people kill them for there own conveniences. THESE BABIES ARE HUMAN. They always have been, its not far to them, that they have to die because teenagers are scared or women are selfish and cruel and just don't want to raise a child. The abortion Doctor's ease there conscious by calling them fetus's instead of unborn humans. ABORTION IS MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE. Put these on your profile if you disagree with Abortion."<br />
    Also- <br />
    Abortion is wrong <br />
    <br />
    Month One <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Mommy, <br />
    I am only 4 inches long, <br />
    but I have all my organs. <br />
    I love the sound of your voice. <br />
    The sound of your heart beat <br />
    is my favorite lullaby. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Two <br />
    <br />
    Mommy, <br />
    Today I learned how to suck my thumb. <br />
    If you could see me, <br />
    you could definitely tell that I am a baby. <br />
    I'm not big enough to survive outside my home, though. <br />
    It is so nice and warm in here. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Three <br />
    <br />
    You know what, Mommy? <br />
    I'm a boy!! <br />
    I hope that makes you happy. <br />
    I always want you to be happy. <br />
    I don't like it when you cry. <br />
    You sound so sad. <br />
    It makes me sad, too, <br />
    and I cry with you even though <br />
    you can't hear me. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Four <br />
    <br />
    Mommy, <br />
    my hair is starting to grow. <br />
    It is very short and fine, <br />
    but I will have a lot of it. <br />
    I spend a lot of my time exercising. <br />
    I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes <br />
    and stretch my arms and legs. <br />
    I am becoming quite good at it, too. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Five <br />
    <br />
    You went to the doctor today. <br />
    Mommy, he lied to you. <br />
    He said that I'm not a baby. <br />
    I am a baby, Mommy... your baby. <br />
    I think and feel. <br />
    Mommy, what's abortion? <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Six <br />
    <br />
    I can hear that doctor again. <br />
    I don't like him. <br />
    He seems cold and heartless. <br />
    Something is intruding my home. <br />
    The doctor called it a needle. <br />
    Mommy what is it? It burns! <br />
    Please make him stop! <br />
    I can't get away from it! <br />
    Mommy! HELP me! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Month Seven <br />
    <br />
    Mommy, <br />
    I am okay. <br />
    I am in Jesus' arms. <br />
    He is holding me. <br />
    He told me about abortion. <br />
    Why didn't you want me, Mommy? <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Every Abortion Is Just . . . <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    One more heart that was stopped. <br />
    Two more eyes that will never see. <br />
    Two more hands that will never touch. <br />
    Two more legs that will never run. <br />
    One more mouth that will never speak.<br />
    <br />
    Not everyone may think that they have any other choice. The child could kill the girl or she could have suffered from being raped. As for the rape cases, it's hard decision to make. But I think just because you don't want to ever have any reminder of the rape by having that child, is that really the excuse to kill him/her? You could always try to give them up to adoption. <br />
    <br />
    Just because you have an abortion does not mean you're a horrible person and I'm not judging or condemning you because of it. I know that you either feel nothing from it or you feel a little guilty. <br />
    <br />
    All my other crap that I didn't want to fit on my sig razz <br />
    <br />
    First time:<br />
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    <br />
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    <br />
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<br />
    What type of Fae are you?<br />
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