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  • Artist Info: ok i'm gothic don't really care what people think LOVE the 80's music and how they just didn't care! lol<br />
    i'm good listener and many people use me as their agony aunt! love to be evil it's my job! not many people will try to argue with me as they only lose! lol in search of some extremely bad people who share my penchant for raising cain!<br />
    I suppose you could i'm odd in some aspects but then again i'm completly insane compared to some of my friends! lol<br />
    I'm not the best looking person in the world but then again who is???<br />
    I have blue-green-gray eyes, dark purple hair that goes to the top of my shoulders and am really slim and quite petite basically i'm short! <br />
    But i love being short!! it's way better than being the same as everyone else!
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