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  • Artist Info: burn it to the ground!! <br />
    Iam not a kid. Just like crayons. thats all.. <br />
    -smiley face!-<br />
    i like eating strawberries. THeyrrrre Grrrrrrrreat!<br />
    i think all kind of music is awesome.<br />
    i "hate"(as i think twilight is overOLD already....vampires dont sparkle!!! Only television!) twilight with passion<br />
    i like drawing ALOT!<br />
    i like playing the piano ALOT!<br />
    i like playing video games ALOT!<br />
    i like going to the internet ALOT!<br />
    i like art ALOT!<br />
    i love random cute pictures ALOT!<br />
    i dont like people ingoring others ALOT!<br />
    i dont like movies that ruins the plot from the book!! Grrrr!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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