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  • Artist Info: Hello you little shitz<br />
    As you may now already from the username my name is Buusutaa<br />
    Though you can just call me Buu or Sin or whatever nickname you decide to call me with my acceptance, of course<br />
    At the moment I'm just a lurker for now <br />
    I might come out now and then to speak if I have something important to do like commission on here or talking in the guilds, but other then that no I rarely talk <br />
    Since there's nothing really to do anymore like there use to be back in the day<br />
    <br />
    I go by they/them <br />
    Please respect that<br />
    Though if you do use other pronouns by mistake or just by reflex because of my avatar at the moment I won't go down your throat and rip out you insides<br />
    If you do decide to talk to me and want to be friends with me <br />
    Just know that you need to tell me if I offend you or make you uncomfortable in anyway<br />
    I don't really have a filter since I'm so open to anything and would most likely say some things that can easily offend someone some way and some how<br />
    But so far that havn't happen that I know of <br />
    <br />
    In my past time I either drawing or writing or working on something crazy oooorrr actually working at my job...<br />
    Oh and probably school as well<br />
    <br />
    Hobbies and the Likes<br />
    <br />
    Mythology<br />
    Astrology<br />
    Reading<br />
    Writing<br />
    Roleplaying<br />
    Kpop<br />
    Jpop<br />
    Jrock<br />
    Kdramas<br />
    Creepy Cute things<br />
    Shaped Erasers<br />
    Stickers<br />
    Drawing<br />
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