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  • Artist Info: So I enjoy spending time with the man of my dreams, and all my other friends. when i am not with them i am at borders, spending money i shouldn't. I also love hiking, on average i hike 23 miles a week and i am loving it! also my favorite snack is fresh rasberries smile i love those. blueberries are close. and when i am not eating those, i return to my awesome chips and salsa that never gets old. smile rofl biggrin <br />
    i am usually a very reasonable person, but once i lose my temper i could be unreasonable for the rest of the day. I am all for protecting our environment but i think throwing out your old car for a hybrid is just ridiculous. I really really like the song 'bruises' by Chairlift. It is indeed very catchy smile . I dont mind the rain all that much anymore, but i still prefer sunny warm days smile .
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