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    WOLF<br />
    /__/<br />
    |O.O)<br />
    |()_()<br />
    <br />
    PANDA<br />
    ()_()<br />
    |O.O)<br />
    |()_()<br />
    =Best buddies<br />
    Sup, Im Lauren, i like wolves, or just any other kind of dog related animal XD,<br />
    I also like Gir, From Invader Zim, Its such an awesome show! I like some anime's but i dont get to watch them very often there either japenese or canceled , My best friend is Panda Hat Lover, mess with her and she wil eat you, mess with me and ill get my dog on you hehe &gt;=D,<br />
    I think m crazy at moments of times,I really hate school, and reading thats kinda boring, i hate healthy stuff XD but i have high matesalism and that keeps me from being the fatty i really am lol, I love PMs unless they are from scammers (note to alll u scammers or hackers out there, try to scam or hack me and you get immidialty reported and most likely banned and bitched at my be, and then if you somehow find out my adress, and trespass on my property without my persmission or anyones permission in this household my dog will snap of your arm like a twig, and it'll be legal so becareful who you try to mess with &gt;=D, i love my dog XD.<br />
    Thanks for coming to my profile and now you know what happens to people who trespass on my property without persmission &gt;=D<br />
    User Image<br />
    thats right, luigi watches little girls bath, be afraid, be very afraid
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