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  • Artist Info: Yay! I'm a colored blind ninja/emo and can't seam to find<br />
    love?! I cry allot and sleep all day! so far all the quizzes I take tell me I'm emo and every body at my school and even my dad calls me emo... but to be honest... I don't think I'm emo... I don't "cut" myself...<br />
    I'm a die-heart anime addict and I LUV candy! I have a huge weakness to chocolate! in dead silence I'll burst out in evil laughter for no reason, I enjoy physically hurting people especially my stupid poser friends, cause... lets face it no one likes posers....<br />
    my life is some what serious, my mom has MS and she has allot of seizures and forgot that I was her daughter for almost a whole school week... (which was fun... Sleep overs on school nights!) but allot of times my mom can't take her roll as mother and sometimes the roll is forced onto me<br />
    which SUCKS cause all I wasn't is to be a kid! (Not really, i want a whole lot of other things.<br />
    I love kids and animals! when i walk to school i usually have about 15 cats that don't belong to me walking behind me like a mother goose!<br />
    once at a grocery store a baby was crying and it's mother didn't know what to do, so I took it from her and it quickly stopped crying... maybe it thought i was gonna eat it... I'm not that crazy...
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