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  • Artist Info: Hello, How are you?<br />
    <br />
    1. Yes, I am a guy.<br />
    2. I Love almost all types of Food, Colors, and Animals.<br />
    3. I can get along with anyone, for I'm not racist (sad I have to include that)<br />
    4. I am White, and that's all you need to know about me. I am not gonna tell you my age, where I live, what my job is, what my pay is, what school I go to, and who my Real Life friends are. (You Stalker)<br />
    5. I love all types of Games (even board games. Ever play Sorry (great game))<br />
    6. Yes I am a Republican,(but that doesn't mean I won't have democratic friends. Political differences mean nothing to me.)<br />
    7. I am also a Gentlemen and Prefer Respect and Honor. (Thus if you're a man, I might call you Sir ever so often and Women I might call you Ma'am or M'Lady.)<br />
    8. I Might go nuts and say random stuff.(But that's because I am constantly thinking and need someway to relieve some of the stress.)<br />
    9. I am not afraid of Bugs. (I punched one the other day in order to kill it)<br />
    10. I Like Action Movies and Historical Movies.<br />
    11. I like Anime and I like RP.
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