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  • Artist Info: Hey Dreams Abound here! Well what can I say? Just the username I have chosen for myself explains a lot about myself as an artist. Before I really get into that though I'll start explaining some things I like such as: Reading, Writting, Drawing, Painting, and Video Games. I also love anything having to do with the paranormal, especially when it meets science such as EVP's for example. I consider myself to be spiritual but not necessarilly religious and I am very open minded. I am now 18 and currently single... Also currently job hunting T-T. Anyways, as to my username being connected to my art. Well in my art, be it a painting, drawing, pastel work, etc. I like to present a dream to the world or a fantasy type ideal. Something that wouldn't normally possible here in our own reality but also something each and everyone of us may have longed for, or if they've never thought of it, just to make them think and wonder. I'm also an aspiring author hoping to get some novels published and in my writting... You can trust that I will have a combination of anything and I do expect some of my works to be very controversial, but I am also a hopeless romantic so I'm afraid that a bit of the love scene will come into play in all of my works. Well, it looks like that's enough rambling from me. Ja ne!!!<br />
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    And be sure to look for some of my works in the Art Arena! XD<br />
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    Morgana's Gloves, Black Web Bustier, Blue Heartbreaker Jacket, Aoi Cache Shoes, Aoi Cache Pants, Angelbow.
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