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  • Artist Info: Who's you talking about? Me? Naw. I'm the most boring thing you could come by. I mean, look at me. Do I look interesting to you? I don't think so. <br />
    <br />
    I'm sixteen,<br />
    I have no life outside of this little box of a computer (except work, of course), <br />
    I might have crazy siblings that love to piss me off, <br />
    I might live in my basement with no freaking windows, <br />
    I might not even be able to sleep in my own futon because my older sister has to be a idgit and move out without taking the big ass thing, <br />
    I might be too lazy to clean up my hurricane-attacked living space (even though it bugs the crap out of me), <br />
    I might be going to college, <br />
    I might actually graduate from high school, <br />
    I might even get a career I enjoy eek <br />
    I might be atheist (or agnostic), <br />
    I might not care about people's opinions on the matter of my belief system, <br />
    I might be a smartass, <br />
    I might be the most dumbest person you've come around that isn't blonde, <br />
    I might be obsessed with the internet, <br />
    I might write stories, <br />
    I might write poems, <br />
    I might eat your face off, <br />
    I might be annoying you with all these might's, <br />
    I might have accidently bought a romance novel once eek <br />
    I might only have three best friends in the real world, <br />
    I might never tell someone I love them,<br />
    I might be single,<br />
    I'll definitely tell you to bug off if you ask me out (which you won't),<br />
    I'm not lesbian,<br />
    I might be an eleventh grader, <br />
    I might like the twilight series, <br />
    I definitely won't care if you don't,<br />
    I might suddenly bust some random horrific dance moves,<br />
    I might have just sounded like Alexa,<br />
    You might not know how that is,<br />
    I might not be able to think of anything else.
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