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  • Artist Info: Hey stalkers wink <br />
    Bet you wanna look at my avi or just plain lurking xD<br />
    Anywhere uh here are some basics about me <br />
    1. My previous usernames were fizzlefriend and secret_stephanie<br />
    2.. I am Filipino, Chinise, Cherekke, and Irish wink <br />
    3. I am 18 years old surprsingly since im immature asf 😂😂<br />
    3. Been on gaia since i was for like 12 years now...yeah started pretty young....<br />
    4. Friendship is the most valuable thing to me dramallama <br />
    5. I will make Billions of typos... yeah deal with it<br />
    6. Love video games, anime, cosplay<br />
    my 5 top fav things trolling, music, anime, tackling, and friends <br />
    But yeah im pretty fucking weird so sorry not sorry 😂😂<br />
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