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  • Artist Info: My road began on April 2nd 1996. I find myself always trying to be the best I can and I get mad at myself when I fall short on my own expectations. I push myself harder than my parents will ever push me. If it’s shiny, it’ll distract me. I will be crazy, wild, and look like a retard, or I will be serious and annoyed easily. I often don’t take jokes well in person if the joke is negative, but with internet I will take things more of joke, so if you want to hate go ahead I’ll only laugh at it….I will love cuddly, cute, fluffy things; then turn around and laugh at the gore you see in movies. If you think something’s gross or disgusting, I’ll probably see it and laugh me head off. I freak out when I get in trouble with the littlest things. I’m not a head turner and I don’t think I ever will be, so don’t expect much. I don’t have much confidence in myself, but I’m working on gaining some. I’m comfortable around my close friends, but shy with those I don’t trust as well. When it comes to being professional and friendly I could easily pass, but this only happens when it’s needed. I’ve been hurt and backstabbed, but I don’t intend on that happening again. Things can change and nothing is ever set in stone, but one thing will be set in marble and that is I will always be me and I WILL NOT let anyone change who I am and what I believe in. I have morals and I will keep them. I try to live by “PLUR” although I am not a “raver” I know what this stands for, and believe it’s a better way to go through life using it, so I trey my hardest to stay to it. Finally, if you have a problem with me don’t go telling it to other people say it to me I can not stand when people don’t say what they have to say to the person it’s about, so in short don’t talk behind my back.<br />
    With &lt;3 Toxicc<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    {X} snakebites<br />
    {X} tongue ring<br />
    {X} pierced ears<br />
    {} ¾ in gages<br />
    {} medusa<br />
    {} anti-eyebrow<br />
    {} hips <br />
    {} collar bones<br />
    {} anchor middle neck between collar bones<br />
    {} top wrist (surface)<br />
    {} mustache tattoo index finger<br />
    {} heart w/ wings inner wrist<br />
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