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  • Artist Info: Hey my name is Cierra <br />
    ok i have a little obbsession over dumb things like dots...i luv them...and cheese,ducktape and girls....lol<br />
    like alot of people, i like anime and manga XDD though i luv anime more XD<br />
    my favorite song is called Your Guardian Angel. my fav band is simple plan....they relate to me for some reason...its like they new my childhood or like i grew up with them. oh and if u know me, im going lesbian!!! YAY!!! trying something new!ok well...i luvz u all still though XDD <br />
    with luvs,<br />
    Cierra<br />
    <br />
    P.S-just because im trying to go lesbian, doesnt mean i like every girl on the street. I DO NOT RP (whatever that is) OR HAVE SEX OVER THE INTERNET!!! I ONLY DATE OVER IT!!!
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