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  • Artist Info: I'm Selfish at times, impatient and insecure. I make mistakes I am out of control and at times I'm hard to handle but if you cant handle me at my worst then you sure as HELL DONT deserve me at my BEST! rofl dramallama <br />
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    I am extremely loyal to those who appreciate and support me, Im the type of person who will protect and cherish a person for a long time. 3nodding I love makeing others feel good about themselves and making them feel loved. In making others feel wanted and loved, I feel good. People can lean on and depend on me, I'm the type that will listen to people's problems and help them as much as possible. I'll put my hands in fire for those I love.... however I will rarely express my own deep feelings to anyone. People who try to talk and get to know my true feelings might think tha im strange or that ima cold person since I rarely reveal my true deep feelings. I am a complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental girl and yes I need constant support and encouragement. I need to be needed. I can get easily offended and I will sulk for a long time when I get hurt. For this reason I am very cautious. It is difficult for me to open up and have a close relationship with someone because I am so closed off.This is because I have a difficult time trusting people. I am deeply sensitive and easily hurt, this is other reason why I can seem like a bitchy and rude cold person, to avoid being hurt by others. I like to observe others and learn their weaknesses and flaws. It helps me better understand others. Im the type that stands up for what I think is right. I am not fond of change but I can to do what needs to be done, I am not a pushover or lazy person. Well what else can I say about meh ^^ um i love to draw and write. Sometimes I can get lost in books. I'm a down to earth gal and I am pretty straight forward unless it comes to my feelings lolz. I tend to hide those &gt;.&lt; I am pretty laid back and timid when it comes to meeting new ppl lolz um I dunno I guess I am shy whee I am not one to judge ppl and I get along with just about everyone. I love to rp and love video games as well as chatting. I love going out to places and trying out new things. I think I'll try anything atleast once. As much as I love meeting new ppl and hanging around with friends, My family is whats most important to me and they come first. I'm very protective of those I love so I'll say this once. You F Uck With my Family and you F uck with me. *giggles* erm lolz well I guess thats it ^^ anything else ju wish to know just let meh know I'll see if I can answer. biggrin <br />
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    I wanna meet ppl who are kind and CONSIDERATE of OTHER PEOPLEZ FEELINGS! I'm sick and tired of pplz bullshit. Its always about me me me me ME! Like WTF.... I grow tired of pplz games. I'm a very honest person and I'll tell you how it is if asked (though it may take some time for me to find the words depending on the situation) I dont have NUFFIN TO HIDE! Ppl can talk shyt but thats all it is to me SHYT! I you came for drama then get a moving cuz i like to stay a drama free girl.Let me put it this way.... YOUR EITHER HERE TO TALK OR TO BE BLOCKED ^.^ thats all :3
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