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  • Artist Info: Name: G a b i r e l l a <br />
    Age: 1 4 <br />
    Sex: F e m a l e <br />
    State: N e w m e x i c o<br />
    Hair Color: B l o n d e <br />
    Eye color: B l u e<br />
    Favorit Color: B l u e<br />
    Myspace: M y s p a c e. c o m / x R a w r z <br />
    IDoHaveMyMomentsAndIwillNotChangeForAnyone smile <br />
    FckWithThePeopleYouLoveAndBeReadyToGetHurt smile <br />
    IOwnLike60Horses3cats,2dogs,6Fish<br />
    ImMyselfAnyNoOneCanChangeMe smile <br />
    IWillMessAroundWithAnyone<br />
    ImStillAVirgin<br />
    AndLove A N I M A L S &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I Look Alive, Im Dead Inside <br />
    My Heart Has Holes & Black Blood Flows <br />
    We'll Do Some Druqs, We'll Fall In Love, <br />
    & <br />
    Get Fucked Up, While The World Just Shruqs, <br />
    With No Thouqht Loqically, We're Wanderinq The Streets So Aimlessly, <br />
    I Hate To See These Kids Just Beinq, Put Down So Painlessly, <br />
    & People Say You Dye Your Hair & Wear Tiqht Jeans, <br />
    That Doesn't Mean, That You Can't Scream, <br />
    Or Like Loud Noise, <br />
    You Got A Choice, You Have A Voice, <br />
    & Just Because You Show No Love & Hate On Us, <br />
    Now Watch Me Thrust This Knife Called Lust Into My Chest, <br />
    Until It Busts
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