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  • Artist Info: i hope u like my page! while ur here, i WILL leave a comment, i presume? *glares at you* [or else i will hunt u down like a dirty dog!]<br />
    ok! now that u left me a comment, i might go visit ur page and if i like u i'll ask u to be my buddy! ^_&lt; <br />
    if u want go visit my friend's pages 2. it'll make tham happy! and unless ur some kinda weird sadist then u will probably visit them.<br />
    RIGHT?! <br />
    <br />
    [ps. i was kidding about hunting u down like a dirty dog]<br />
    [pps. or am i? u never no]<br />
    [ppps. really i'm kidding...]<br />
    [pppps. are u sure though? i might not be]<br />
    [ppppps. ok, ok1 i'm kidding]<br />
    [pppppps. imight not be... i'll just let u decide...]<br />
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