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  • Artist Info: I am me. Nothing more. Nothing less.<br />
    I’m Emily. Call me what ever you like but if you want a response then call me by my name. You can go ahead and judge me. I can’t make up your mind or control what you think. I can’t tell you how to think or feel about me. I don’t believe that people can change people. Only they can change themselves…so don’t try. Believe it or not I can be a pretty positive person. You just got to get to know me. I am not a simple person I can be your “best friend” or your “worst enemy”. My Life is my Boyfriend♥, Friends, && Family, mess with any of the three categories and we will have a problem. I ♥ William. I ♥ the sun. I ♥ the beach. I ♥ taking pictures. I ♥ rainbows . I ♥ Cuppycakes. I ♥ Blueberry Muffins.My Life can be a nightmare sequence. I don't really think about the consequences of my actions until the end.<br />
    Real friends are hard to find. But even harder to keep. I'm lucky to have the friends that I have. If it weren't for them I don't know what I would do. I really HATE annoying people. Simply said. Life is Life. We all are nothing but simple minded children who want to make something of ourself but we never do anything about it. We all go through the simple cycle of life. We are Born, We Live, We Die,The End. Even though I think that, doesn’t mean that I don’t think that we shouldn’t make something of ourselves…make our mark in history…<br />
    Fear is something that we all have, weather we like to acknowledge it or not. Its something that our minds create, always sitting there, hiding, waiting to come out.<br />
    Every little girl wishes to find her one true love, Well I've found mine.
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