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    Im Nicky<br />
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    things that make me who i am are Hanging Out With Friends, Riding Horses, Track & Field, Photography, Pole Vaulting, Horseback Riding, Listening to Music, Having a Good Time, Driving Too Fast, Singing in the Car, Dancing!, laughing, Friends, Horses, Ford Trucks, Chevy Camaro, Photograpy, Tattoos, Boys, Cars Cars Cars, Guys, Music, chocolate, ice cream, walks in the park, sports cars, trucks, chevy, ford, F350, ferrari, nissan, 4 x 4, radio, music, hip hop, rap, country, R&B, Techno, singing, dancing, drinking, partying, kissing, holding hands, romantic moments, awkward silences,etc etc just ask me whatever you would like to know about me
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    4laugh <br />
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