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  • Artist Info: Hello hello peeps<br />
    My name is Jasmine<br />
    I love making new friends<br />
    feel free to add me blaugh <br />
    I love sushi... haha I said it .. This is for Lesly<br />
    and you thought that I wouldn't write it.<br />
    and I love Cheesecake.<br />
    <br />
    yes Lesly is my niece....ugh<br />
    <br />
    oh and yeah we argue a lot about this subject<br />
    she calls me cousin<br />
    which we all know the truth<br />
    .. I'm her aunt<br />
    by the way<br />
    I'm 11 years old<br />
    and yes <br />
    My niece made my account and I thank her for it cause this site is cool<br />
    Her profile sucks so yeah <br />
    and yeah <br />
    I don't like sushi<br />
    eww<br />
    it's nasty
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