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  • Artist Info: Hey! So, I'm Charlotte.<br />
    I live in Devon, which is in the SW of England, and very pretty (when it isn't raining). I also live in Manchester - where I go to the University of Manchester, which is, incidentally, awesome, - which is a great city, and also constantly rains.<br />
    I write, a lot. For my sins, I decided to write a fantasy series, as well as all the other ideas swirling about in my head.<br />
    I read, even more than I write. What do I read? Basically anything (unless it's published by mills and boon - urgh). If it has a good plot, interesting characters, and is written well, I'm there.<br />
    I watch good stuff: Heroes, Spooks, Scrubs, the old disney films (everyone secretly likes them), Pan's Labyrinth (one of the best films ever made), kooky French films, all sorts.<br />
    I like dragons, because I'm wierd like that. Why wouldn't people like massive, fire-breathing, highly intelligent, flying lizards?<br />
    I listen to lots of music. Honestly, I like pretty much anything (except really hardcore rap, sappy boybands, and pussycat dolls). Some of my favorites are Pink, KT Tunstall, Guns and Roses, Rush...and recently, Dragonforce. They're odd, but it's hard to hate a band who calls a 14 second track 'Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil'!<br />
    I'm a Literature Nerd. (Yes, nerds have classifications, if you are one, you'll understand.) And appear to be in training to become an internet and gaming nerd.<br />
    I have a rather dry, sarcastic sense of humour...ah, you'll see.<br />
    I'm political. A lefty feminist, to be precise (and, no, I do not want revolution, I do not wear dungarees, and I certainly do not hate all males). Oh, and I'm an athiest, but not of the Dawkins variety.<br />
    I respect the views of others.<br />
    I like people, so talk to me!
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