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  • Artist Info: He sat up in bed and looked around. shadows dripped from the walls in drawn-out symphonies. He tried to move, but his legs were locked in place. He looked down to witness the deep scarlet satin emerging from his ribcage. It dripped down and pooled on his starchy white sheets.<br />
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    Jennifer Guy<br />
    Horror and lovepoems<br />
    <br />
    I'll see you when today skips<br />
    Tomorrow comes out of the debris<br />
    When ashes glow like blazing embers<br />
    When love is number one in the world<br />
    The future of our lives<br />
    Written in sky not dust<br />
    I'll fathom this daydream<br />
    Until you are here again.<br />
    You stand in sunlight<br />
    The highlight to my shadow<br />
    In the depths of this sorrow<br />
    Only you can get through<br />
    When my voice returns<br />
    I'll whisper a thank you.<br />
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