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    My name is not important to you, so you may refer to my as<br />
    Whïtë Föüx.<br />
    For those Who know my Name, all i have to say is; Good for you.<br />
    My age, on average I'm 21.<br />
    I'm a pretty Decent person. But as most people will say if you get on my bad side things tend to fall apart with you.<br />
    I don't do empty threats.<br />
    I have a select group of friends, and to get into it, you must really get to know me. I have no close friends, nor do i intend on finding any.<br />
    For those who try to get close, in doing so I will only shove you away<br />
    I Am Happier secluded some where, Rather than being with others.<br />
    So do NOT try and push me into a group of people i do not know.<br />
    Or even people i do know for that matter.<br />
    That's all I can say that you people need to know.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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