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  • Artist Info: Hey all, I'm Mariah. I am known though by many names, Lilyth, Kye, Kyanah, Riah, Spazz. I am almost 20 and living in Idaho. I am an evangelical christian who is working towards becoming a pastor. I have many interests and thus, much information stored in my brain. i don't like limits or authority very much and try to avoid them. I am a very friendly and kind person but also playful and people mistake that for rudeness. I am not a serious person, I prefer to be more laid back. I like to rp, draw, read, play video games, and several other things. I like talking to people and learning about them and other interests. My family consists of my husband, my cats, my dog, and my lizard. If you want to be my friend add me, if want a conversation pm me, if you want to join my guild apply.<br />
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