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  • Artist Info: Hello hello helloooo! I haven't updated for quite a while now XD sooo lets start this thingy off with stuff u needs to know <br />
    -I'm 15-<br />
    -171 lbs-<br />
    -6' 3" ^^ hehehe-<br />
    -B days April 18th-<br />
    -Imma Aries ^^ passionate ambitious and a lil stubborn <br />
    -My Chinese zodiac ish the doggy &gt;D loyal to the end but with some quirks ^^"<br />
    -I'm no good with serious stuff. at-least that's what i think ^^"-<br />
    -I love a good anime-<br />
    -My bestie on here is Xx_White Wish_xX as u can see (go on and be her frind. i daaare you XD)<br />
    -No im not gay in case u wonder stranger -w- not against the gays or nuthin I just happen to like prrty hearts and SUNSHIIINE-<br />
    -Favorite colors arrre silver, black, dark red, and purple ^^-<br />
    -I is taken by Figgy up there as u can see (&gt;w&lt wink -<br />
    -I usually hang out in 001001 or sometimes 003232-<br />
    -I has many pets. mannny mannny pets (too much to list)-<br />
    -I hate u ^^.......XD just kiddin =e=-<br />
    -I bet you have not read this far. U have? great ^^-<br />
    -I like candy.....alot....more than life liberty and the pursuit of happiness i LUV candy. words cannot describe my love for candy. just know that i luv it 0^0-<br />
    -Now for likes and DISLIIIKES WEEWT (yep this is gonna be long)-<br />
    LIKES! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    1.Techno or club remixes of songs ^w^<br />
    2. Candy, soda, chips, candy, bacon, and last (but also first) candy ^^<br />
    3.I like to play RPG's &gt;D the spirit o adventuuuure wewt!-<br />
    4.Drawing weird shiz (like my background. yeah i drew that BISH)-<br />
    5.Shiny stuff ^^-<br />
    6.Swimming and dancing by myself XD-<br />
    7.Jumping idk why i just do ^^<br />
    8.Sleeping, although I only get around 3-4 maaaybe 5 hours of sleep durin the week. dont even try and contact me weekend mornings cause chances are i will be asleep <br />
    9. Gaia online of course ^^ tis where i can be purely and heavenly awesome &gt;D<br />
    10.Imma stop at 10 lol. I like allll mah friends on here o course (although some i barely talk with anymore sadly v,v So i have decided to turn off friend request from now on ^^ srrrryyyy if yu wanna be friends but staying in touch with over 50 ppl would be to much for me<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes -w-<br />
    1.ppl who break promises &gt;w&lt;<br />
    2. un-dedicated ppl <br />
    3. mega emus -e- nothing against emus but if ur so emu that u talk in sad poetry its a lil too much XD but i still gotta luvs em lol<br />
    4.County -x- i hate that stuff XD diddy de di dodododo didda dedidodedooo-<br />
    5.rlly frumpy hair XD (o yes i just said frumpy so deal with it)<br />
    6.ppl who think they are too good to talk other gaians who just HAPPEN to not have a 3 million gold hat or sum shiz-<br />
    7.Naps. I luv sleep but naps are a waste of time. and i like to be awake as long as possible ^^<br />
    8.Sparkly, vegetarian, preppy, messy haired, vampires.......o and Twilight. XD<br />
    9. FREEEED (u know who im talkn bout....*mutters*high pitched bastard)<br />
    10. -insert your name here- XDDD<br />
    <br />
    Well thats all i guess lol. Comment me (although u may pm if u want) Talk,learn,talk,learn ^^<br />
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