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  • Artist Info: ok why dont people ever talk to me i mean people do but not alot so why dont you just say hi to me or something?<br />
    come on ive never done anything bad for you guys so come on and talk to me and send me friend requests k? PLEAZE im begging you and i will tell you something about me i am 11 and i treat people really nice except when people call me a slut i WILL get pissed off so dont be rude to me and i wont be rude to you :] i am very athletic and i like to swim and my favorite sport is basketball and i hate girly-girls (preppy bitches) :] so yeah go ahead and start talking to me and i will thank you when you do <br />
    bye:] thank you thank you everyone who bought things from my store i really appreciate it love ya nice people buy biggrin
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