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  • Artist Info: My name is Mikkel.<br />
    I am legal.<br />
    I live in Denmark.<br />
    From loss into your embrace.<br />
    I currently study business, marketing, marketing communications, business administration.<br />
    If i should have a pet, it would be either a french bulldog or a st bernard.<br />
    Like an angel of fallen grace.<br />
    I have a tatto on my leg, and one on my arm/chest.<br />
    Come feel my sorrow and my tears.<br />
    I will not donate or help out virtual charity.<br />
    Leave that guilt-stained cross behind.<br />
    Free your arms do it one by one.
    <br />
    I will not accept any random friend request.<br />
    Deep cuts will not help you heal.<br />
    The pain inflicted's just false relief.
    <br />
    You may have a wonderful and rewarding day.<br />
    <br />
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